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Making "Monkey Farts" Soap

Cal Petrusma

Ever since I discovered there was a scent called 'Monkey Farts' I've been dying to make some soap with it!! Yes, I have a little kid still living inside me. Plus I know my grand-daughter would just love it. :-)

At first I only found the scent made for candles, which sometimes works in soap, but not always. Then I found a soap company that makes it. Yay! Time to plan a design. (They also sell a fragrance called 'Reindeer Poo', the scent description sounds like Christmas, so I'll also be making a second soap called Reindeer Farts, as even I think that 'poo' is going a bit far for soap!).

I decided that the soap needed 'fart bubbles'. The best way to do this was to make them ahead of time with Clear Melt & Pour Soap. These are called 'embeds'.

 Making Melt & Pour Embeds

Making Melt & Pour Embeds

I used Micas to colour the melt & pour - green, orange, gold & sparkly white - making balls for the top of the soap, & using thin PVC pipe for the embeds that will go inside. While I was at it I also made some more melt & pour berries for the top of one of my most popular soaps, "Berry Bliss", & some fish for an upcoming soap. I purchased the moulds for the balls & fish, but made the berry moulds from silicone myself.

 Additives ready to go.

Additives ready to go.

PVC pipe is excellent for making cylindrical embeds. I covered one end with plastic food wrap, poured the soap in, stood the pipe up for about 30 mins, put it in the freezer for another 30 mins, tapped it firmly on the bench, & they pushed out of the pipe very easily.

I mixed the cold process soap batter to a medium thick trace so the embeds would be held by the batter & not just fall straight to the bottom, added a bit of yellow, then layered the batter & the embeds in the mould, & finally added the soap balls/fart bubbles on top! And then....the waiting....& more waiting....until I could unmould & cut it to see what it looked like....that is the absolute worst part of making soap....the waiting!!

And here it is. Funny thing is the photo does not show that this soap is yellow, just as yellow as the previous pictures - (note to self...learn how to take better pictures!). This smells like banana lollies so will be really fun to use. Just another 6 weeks of waiting until its cured!! :-)